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Kojoney‑ has been released

Kojoney‑ has been released.

Add Sup­port Python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7
Add Sup­port XMPP Mes­sag­ing Pro­to­col (Thanks Jab­ber­Bot Thomas Perl)
Add Sup­port IP to Country/City (Using MaxMind)
Add Sup­port P0FOS fin­ger­print­ing tools (>= 2.0.8)
Add Sup­port of local sys­log server
Change log for­mat (remove Time­Zone and add Milisecond)
Sup­port 32bit and 64bit sys­tems (RHEL, Fedo­ra, Cen­tOS, Ubuntu …)
Upgrad­ed Twist­ed engine 11.0.0
Upgrad­ed TwistedConch-11.0.0
Upgrad­ed Zope interface‑3.8.0
Upgrad­ed Pycrypto‑2.4.1 (Python Cryp­tog­ra­phy Toolkit)
Upgrad­ed IP-Coun­try to 2.27.
Upgrad­ed Geography-Countries-2009041301.
Upgrade the report­ing tools to report pass­words, clientSoft­ware and com­press­sion methods.
Upgrade shell prompts.
Add send mes­sage to any Jab­ber account
Add gmp‑5.0.2 (fix bug PowmIn­se­cure­Warn­ing: Not using mpz_powm_sec.)
(You should rebuild using libgmp >= 5 to avoid tim­ing attack vulnerability.)
Add pass­word log to find pass­words used by attack­ers in login attempts.
Add client soft­ware log to find client soft­ware used by attacker.
Add com­pres­sion log to find com­pres­sion type may used by attackers.
Add con­nec­tion dura­tion log. (Attack Duration)
Cor­rec­tions to the install and unin­stall scripts.
Cor­rec­tions to the init.d script.
User­name & pass­word file updat­ed from 23752 com­bi­na­tions to 40748.
Oth­er minor fixes.
What is Kojoney ?
Kojoney is a low lev­el inter­ac­tion hon­ey­pot that emu­lates a SSH serv­er. The dae­mon is writ­ten in Python using the Twist­ed Conch libraries.
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