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The Hackers Conference 2012 — Speakers from Iran

The Biggest Hack­ing Mania has arrived — ‘The Hack­ers Con­fer­ence 2012’.  In this first of its kind con­fer­ence in India, Black­hat hack­ers drawn from around the world will demon­strate how they access a vic­tim’s per­son­al infor­ma­tion, and even con­fi­den­tial data avail­able on the Android cell phone. The con­fer­ence will be held on July 29 at the India Habi­tat Cen­tre in New Delhi.

Chal­lenGe Secu­ri­ty Team, which includes Sina Hatef Mat­bue, Farhad Miria and Arash Shirk­hor­shi­di from Iran will delib­er­ate on the top­ic “GraVi­toN: Cross Plat­form Mal­ware”. GraVi­ton, they claim aspires to become an arti­fi­cial crea­ture which can move between world of win­dows, world of apples, and world of emper­or pen­guins, etc., and remain stealt.

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